Our mission

  • ‘Yalla’ is Arabic for ‘let’s go,’ or ‘come on!’ So basically what we’re saying to you is ‘come, let’s create art and culture together!’
  • We believe that participating in the arts is everyone’s right, and we know that many people feel excluded/misrepresented in arts and culture due to their race/nationality/ethnicity/age/socio-economic status, and other reasons. We aim to counter this by offering free sessions of drama and other performance art forms to groups of people who experience any kind of direct or indirect marginalisation or discrimination, or face obstacles that stops them from engaging in art and culture.u00a0
  • Yalla is your safe space to try something new, learn transferable skills that you can use professionally beyond just art and culture settings, be part of a supportive community of creatives, and create new friendships and social networks. as well as professional networks.
  • Yalla is also your platform for sharing what you want to say/show publicly either by performing, or by sharing ideas during the sessions that will feed into these performances.
  • We make this promise to anyone who joins us; you will always be respected and appreciated, we will always listen to you carefully and actively, and you will certainly have fun and laugh in our session. Maybe there could be cathartic tears sometimes, but mostly laughter!